Monday, March 14, 2011

Giant Mutant Chickens? Call In LEGO Hazmat Guy!

Saw this guy appearing in a LEGO ad in the Sunday paper:
Meet HAZMAT GUY! (Yes, that's the actual figure's name.) Here's the blurb straight from the LEGO website:

When you’ve got a bad case of mysterious glowing goo in your city, the hard-working Hazmat Guy is just the fellow to call. Whether the job involves searching the sewers for mutant sludge or cleaning up after giant radioactive chickens from outer space, he’s always ready to put on his airtight protective suit, grab his hi-tech equipment, and make the streets safe and tidy once more. Of course, when you get sent into dangerous situations to handle hazardous materials every day, you’re bound to get a little jittery. Although he never backs away from an emergency, the Hazmat Guy is always nervous that this is the one time his gear won’t work. After all, with all of the crazy substances he’s been exposed to, it’s a wonder he hasn’t grown an extra face on the other side of his head!

"Growing an extra face?" "Giant radioactive chickens?" Tell me someone at LEGO isn't a fan of the gonzo post-apocalypse! Now if we can just get them to release a LEGO spidergoat...

Hazmat Guy is one of 16 randomly packed figures in the LEGO Minifigures Collection, Series 4.


  1. Cool he's my favorite in the minifigure series.

  2. I wish the hazmat guy could clean up my place after St Patrick's day!!

  3. The extra face thing is an inside joke. Some of the mini-figs have a face on each side with different expressions. This guy probably has a non-scared face on the back of his head.

  4. no he hasn't a extra face
    i had bought it today and he hasn't
    but it is a very nice lego mini figure