Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Thundarr Thursday] Thundarr RPGs Found Throughout The Blogosphere

Demon Dogs! Looks like role-playing in the "Thundarrverse" is gaining steam! When I stumbled across a post at Adventures in Gaming v2 titled "[Mutant Future] Thundarr!", I knew I had to poke my head in to see what was going on. Blog-meister James Michler has set up a Thundarr-based Mutant Future campaign based on some material found here (thankyewverymuch), with some additional house rules to round things out. I suggest you stop by and see what he's developed. He has already posted a recap of the first session, "The Mad Mage of Madzone" which begins the adventures of Rash the Barbarian, Canthar the Sorcerer, and Bakra the Puma Girl in a land teaming with evil wizards and twisted mutants. Check it out!

Another Thundarr-related blog sighting includes Jeff's Gameblog. Blog-meister Jeff Rients has a regular Mutant Future game well underway. According to one of his earlier game recaps, he ran his merry band of Future Mutants through The Valley of the Man-Apes, based on the classic Thundarr episode. Read the recap for an epic giant-robot-ape fight scene. The stuff gaming legends are born from.

More Thundarr RPG goodness can be found in the Wasteland Generator over at Djeryv's Graveyard. Blog-meister Djeryv has incorporated Thundarr the Barbarian creatures into the random generator. Take a predetermined map, tell the generator the number of room/areas, and get an automated list of room encounters along with a table for random encounters for the area.

As if that's not enough, there are Thundarr-based sourcebooks and materials for other RPG systems, including:

Under the Broken Moon (based on the Over the Edge system)

Under a Broken Moon (based on D&D 4e)

Savage Thundarr (based on the Savage Worlds system)

And, in case you've forgotten, there's the World of Thundarr the Barbarian sourcebook for Mutant Future right over there in the right-hand column. ;)


  1. Thank You very very much man! Awesome stuff!

  2. Dont forget, it also has its own Mutant Future Wiki article (a major WIP):

    Its an awesome setting! :D

  3. What about Sorcery & Super Science's, Below the Shattered Moon?