Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Violent Vehicles: Murder Cycle

Required crew: Only one rider and one passenger
Top Speed: 70 MPH
Cargo: 300 lbs. (limited cargo space)
Structural HP: 100 HP
Armor: AC 6
Weaponry: None

A "murder cycle" is a mechanical monstrosity made from a set of monster truck tires welded onto a heavily fortified and reinforced motorcycle frame. A murder cycle is about 30 feet long, 15 feet tall, weighing in excess of 15 tons. Due to the size and weight, a murder cycle is not a fast vehicle, topping out at 70 MPH. Its turning radius is also fairly wide, requiring an open berth to turn around. However, where a murder cycle lacks in speed and maneuverability, it makes up for in sheer crushing force. A murder cycle can flatten vehicles and small structures with ease. Few obstacles can hold it back, and it will crush any mutant foolish enough to get in the way. Due to the vehicle's wide tires, low center of gravity, and crushing weight, it is nearly impossible to "tip over". It will take 50 hit points of structural damage before being rendered inoperable. It can comfortably carry a driver and passenger, although it has very little additional cargo space. A murder cycle is more often used as an intimidating form of combat vehicle than as a practical form of transportation.


  1. you happen to know the conversion rate between MPH and MF's Feet Per Turn / Feet Per Round?

    As in, what does 70 MPH translate to if statting it out?

    (I wanted something semi-official, instead of just crunching out a formula myself.)

  2. Don't have those numbers off-hand (but I know I saw them someplace...) Might want to check out this post of mine with several links to MF vehicles, stats, combat rules, etc.