Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Would You Be Mine, Could You Be Mine, Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Hello once again genetically altered neighbors. It's been a year since our last visit, and in that time, new citizens have moved into my bombed-out neighborhood. Can you say "toxic-dripping evolutionary freaks?" I knew you could. Sure.

Very soon, you'll meet some of my new neighbors here in the Mutant Future. Some of them are good. Some are bad. Some are just trying to scratch out a living here in the blasted wastelands. Can you say "wastelands?" Of course you can. So be sure to stop back, and we'll visit five of my most interesting neighbors as we return once again to...


  1. How he keeps that sweater so clean with all this fallout, I have no idea.

  2. hey, when you're already THAT mutated contaminated wash-water is the least of your problems.