Sunday, November 13, 2011

Notorius NPC: The Grim Ripper

Hello Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to another series of blog posts highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today, we meet a voiceless mountain of a man who likes nothing more than to terrorize weaker folks with a set of very special weapons. Can you say "chainsaw nunchucks?" Very good.
The Grim Ripper
7th Level Pure Human

STR: 20 --- INT: 11
DEX: 18 --- WIL: 10
CON: 17 --- CHA: 9
HPs: 72 --- AC: 5
Mutations: none

The ultimate "muscle" in the Mutant Future, The Grim Ripper is usually found in the employee of a local warlord or baron. Used as an enforcer, The Grim Ripper is nearly 8 feet tall, stocky of build, and wearing a full-face hooded mask.

The Grim Ripper doesn't speak; even if severely injured, he will not make a sound. Some say he had his vocal chords removed, whereas others say his willpower is such that he doesn't feel pain. Either way, The Grim Ripper wordlessly goes about his business of enforcing the will of his employer, whether single-handedly destroying a village and its inhabitants, enforcing the will of his "boss," or competing (and winning) in gladiatorial games for others' amusement.

The Grim Ripper can rip a person from limb-to-limb with his bare hands, and he's pretty competent with an assortment of hand-to-hand weapons. But his preferred method of combat is with a pair of chainsaw nunchucks. Once he sets them whizzing and buzzing around his body, he becomes a frightening limb-severing behemoth. Chainsaw nunchucks do 7d6 hit points of damage if he successfully hits. The Grim Ripper gets a +4 to hit/damage bonus as well as a +2 initiative modifier, so entering into combat with him is a foolhardy and dangerous event.

The Grim Ripper will usually be found standing at the side of his employer, to whom he is mindlessly loyal. Other times, he is seen leading the henchmen forces as a type of general. (Would YOU defy his commands?) He cannot be reasoned or bargained with. It is unknown if The Grim Ripper works for financial gain, a display of power, or if he just enjoys spreading destruction and death for the sake of the chaos and fear he sows.

The Grim Ripper is inspired by similar characters such as The Humungus from "The Road Warrior" or Master Blaster from "Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome."

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  1. Awesome concept character who uses a signature weapon! Very interesting! Cool post!