Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Notorious NPC: Splinterthorn

Hello again Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to the third day of our series highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today's neighbor actually resides far from here in a briar-strewn valley where he plots to one day rule over a world without animal life of any kind. Can you say "extinction-level event?" Sure you can!

9th Level Mutant Plant

STR: 18 --- INT: 10
DEX: 9 --- WIL: 20
CON: 16 --- CHA: 7
HPs: 85 --- AC: 6
Mutations: projectile thorns, abnormal size (12 feet tall), regenerative capability

Splinterthorn is a 12-foot tall tree-like mutant plant composed of hardened saplings and thorn-laden vines. When he's not moving, he appears to be a leafless dead tree. Some unobservant folks could walk right past Splinterthorn without knowing he was "alive" in the truest sense. This would be very dangerous though as Splinterthorn hates all animal and humanoid life and he would not hesitate to attack.

Due to Splinterthorn's abnormal size, he receives a +3 to hit bonus in combat as well as a +2d6 crushing damage bonus with hand-to-hand weapons. Splinterthorn can also fire out a salvo of fist-sized projectile thorns that do 1d8 hit points of damage to the victim. Splinterthorn's regenerative capability allows him to heal 10 extra points of day as well as grow back missing limbs and extremities over time. He is large, powerful, and difficult to harm.

If examined closely, observant PCs will see that Splinterthorn's outer bark is covered with charred and blackened areas. Decades ago, the mutant plant was caught in a sweeping wildfire carelessly started by a neglected campfire. His rage at having nearly died at the hands of humanoids fueled his hatred of all animal lifeforms. Splinterthorn now views all creatures as nothing more than the slaughterers and oppressors of plantdom. Humans and mutants cultivate, cut, burn, consume, and harvest plants. Animals feed on them. Even caretakers and farmers who tend to plants and gardens are viewed as nothing more than horticultural slavemasters. Splinterthorn would like nothing more than eliminate all forms of animal life from the planet -- which is his longterm goal.

Splinterthorn resides in a hard-to-reach valley known as The Devil's Greenhouse. This valley is overgrown with briars, thorns, poisonous plants, and dangerous flora. It is said no animal life can survive in this inhospitable jungle. It is here that Splinterthorn hides, gathering information and supplies needed to carry out his plan of world domination by plantlife via the extinction of humans, mutants, fauna, waterlife, and avians.

Fairly tales and bedtime stories of Splinterthorn's tragic past and his plans for revenge have been passed down amongst generations of mutant plants over the years. Most consider these stories as folklore and fairy tales. But these "fairy tales" are more real than anyone realizes, and Splinterthorn is mere months away from enacting his extinction-level event.

Stop by later and we'll visit another resident of...

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  1. Very nice stuff! Very cool NPC, very creepy! Keep up the great work!