Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gimme Five!

...Five followers, that is.

I appreciate each and every one of the 195 folks who have decided to follow this blog over the years, and I humbly thank you for your support. However, I just can't seem to break the 200 follower mark. That next plateau has remained just out of reach for months. It's a personal goal that has remained tantalizingly close, and yet I just can't seem to attract those last 5 folks. So here's my plea:

Since going live in June 2009, I hope I've added some useful material to your games -- whether Mutant Future or something else post-apocalyptic. (Heck, because of the inter-game compatibility, most of the stuff here will also work in games of Labyrinth Lord and similar Ye Olde Fantasy Games.) If you've enjoyed The Savage AfterWorld over the years, but haven't felt the need to click on the little "Join This Site" button to the right, why not take a second and do so today? Heck, if you just stumbled across the site today and you like what you see, do me a favor and sign on the dotted line. Membership is free, and we only accept attractive, successful, intelligent mutants to our ranks. So follow us, and increase your social standing in our apocalyptic community!

EDITED TO ADD: Many thanks to everyone who decided to throw caution to the wind and follow my blog. We hit 200 followers today! Thanks again to everyone!


  1. I've been reading your blog for years now, but wasn't actually officially following. Now I am, plus I pimped your blog out over at my gaming circles on G+.

  2. Thanks very much! I appreciate the support!

  3. Dude here is to 300 & the content here is worth it!