Monday, November 14, 2011

Notorius NPC: Hazardous Matthew (HazMatt)

Good afternoon Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to the second day of our series highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today I'll introduce you to a man who is literally "untouchable." Can you say "environmental isolation?" I'll bet you can. Sure.

Hazardous Matthew
4th Level Pure Human

STR: 10 --- INT: 12
DEX: 16 --- WIL: 18
CON: 11 --- CHA: 13
HPs: 76 --- AC: 2
Mutations: none

Hazardous Matthew ("HazMatt" to his friends) is a pure human who makes a living in the Mutant Future by exploring and scavenging in places others fear to tread. Although HazMatt is of average build and intelligence, he has one thing others in the wastelands do not have -- a very powerful experimental suit of Environmental Armor.

Matt discovered the flexible yellow suit during an expedition to an Ancient research facility. After donning the suit (so he could safely explore the facility's highly toxic radioactive areas), Matt discovered that the suit was actually a powerful set of experimental Environmental Armor. rather than the usual bulky plates and stiff plexisteel mesh, the armor was made of a highly resistant ballistic nylon treated with a special mixture long-forgotten to the ages. This armor effectively protects Matt against radiation through class 6, most known poisons and toxins, as well as other hazardous environments. He is impervious to heat and cold attacks. Additionally, the suit functions underwater, in a vacuum, and in most other deadly environs. The suit also has an air recirculator, waste disposal, and endless nutrient supply. The wearer can stay in the suit without adverse effect indefinitely. Which is good, because Matt hasn't been able to figure out how to remove the suit in more than 5 years.

The suit Matt wears was specifically designed for long-term deep space exploration. The wearer was to be sealed into the suit prior to departure and to keep the suit from being accidentally breached, a timing mechanism was installed which will open the suit in 10 years' time. (So Matt has another 5 years to go, unbeknownst to him.)

Matt (as "HazMatt") eventually figured out the strength of the suit's protection, and he now hires himself out as a soldier of fortune...the ultimate scavenger...the man who can go places others cannot. He can explore places too dangerous for even the hardiest of mutants. And the armor (along with his high DEX) makes him difficult to injure. His nickname is "The Untouchable One." Many have tried to remove the suit for their own usage, but all have failed. Those who tried to harm HazMatt have failed. Matt enjoys the reputation he has garnered, and he has come to accept and enjoy the all-encompassing protection the suit offers.

Stop by later and we'll visit another resident of...

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