Monday, March 7, 2011

Savage Menagerie: Brain Lord

No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 13
Attacks: 1
Damage: Special
Save: L9
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: III, IV, IX, XXI

Deep in the cavernous recesses of every brain lasher lair (MF rulebook, page 63) is rumored to lurk their mysterious evil leader -- the Brain Lord. If the brain lashers are the despised, feared, monstrous despots of the Mutant Future, then the Brain Lord is their intellectual ruler. However, there is currently no one who has ever admitted to encountering one; rather their existence is the stuff of legends and nightmares.

A Brain Lord appears to be a large (6 feet long), floating, disembodied brain with a set of glowing yellow eyes leering from the front lobe. A Brain Lord never speaks nor does it communicate with any save its brain lasher minions. It is usually found at the deepest, most isolated chamber of a brain lasher stronghold, manipulating its underlings to further the brain lasher agenda.

A Brain Lord has all of the same abilities as its brain lasher underlings, with the addition of three other abilities. The Brain Lord has developed psionic flight, allowing it to float about as it wishes. This ability is considered always active and requires no concentration on the behalf of the Brain Lord. The Brain Lord is also able to use its metaconcert ability to mentally "link" to all brain lashers nearby. It uses this ability to issue commands to all at once, as well as to alert everyone to immediate dangers and threats. When triggered, all brain lashers within 1,000 feet will be linked to one another, seeing and knowing what any one of them experiences. Finally, the Brain Lord can trigger a killing sphere once a day. All within 25 feet will immediately drop to 1 hit point. Victims must also save vs. stun attacks or be rendered unconscious for 1d10 rounds. The Brain Lord uses this ability only as a last resort if death is imminent or if escape otherwise is impossible.

Although the usual brain lasher lair holds 1d3 of them, a Brain Lord will only be found in larger brain lasher communities containing 1d12 of the creatures all beholden to the Brain Lord. It is said there is a Brain Master back on the brain lasher homeworld that all Brain Lords answer to, but this is the stuff of nightmare speculation.

Mutations: ancestral form, mind thrust, plane shift, possession, precognition, thermal vision, psionic flight, metaconcert, killing sphere


  1. Your feeling of helplessness is your best friend savage! :)

  2. Very nice. Brain monsters rule!

  3. Well, holy dang.

    I just finished up the art and text for a brain critter myself, and was going to post it this week.

    I swear it's just convergent evolution, and not super-dickery.

  4. Not sure if you saw my own cranial critter or not, so I thought I'd defensively mention it again. (Insert smiley here)