Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Thundarr Thursday] Ancient Armory: Zogar's Trident

Weapon: Zogar's Trident
Damage: 1d10+16
Attacks: 1
Range: N/A
Weight: 5 lbs.
Battery: Minifusion cell
Charges: Cell depleted after 30 minutes of use

Zogar's Trident was given to him by the evil wizard Kublai in hopes that he could use it to thwart Thundarr and his Sun Sword. Because Zogar was another barbarian now also armed with a powerful energy weapon, Kublai assumed Zogar would be triumphant.

Although presented to Zogar by a wizard, the Trident is not magical. The weapon is a very powerful technological artifact, powerful enough to stand up to the Sun Sword for a short while. In Zogar's hands, the Trident deals 1d10+16 hit points of damage. As a thrusting weapon, it can very easily "punch" a hole through solid matter, though actions of this kind deplete 5 minutes of charge for each attempt. After 30 minutes of use, the power cell will be drained.

Although Zogar and the Trident held up to Thundarr during a protracted fight through Chinatown, the Trident eventually ran out of power, and it powered down. At that time, Thundarr easily cut the weapon in half, disarming Zogar.

NOTE: This weapon is inspired by the episode “Battle of the Barbarians” from the classic Ruby Spears post-apocalyptic cartoon “Thundarr the Barbarian". Stay tuned each week for “Thundarr Thursday”!

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