Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rock'N'Roll Those Dice With This Desktop Dice Roller

Tired of toting my dice around with me everywhere, I decided to look for an online number randomizer (other than the useful but bland RANDOM.ORG site). I was very surprised and very pleased to stumble across the Rock'N'Roll Dice Roller available for a free download at Mad Ogre Games. Some of the features in this nifty little app include:
  • Features over 30 backgrounds by various artists
  • 12 different dice textures to choose from
  • Pick any kind of dice combination
  • Dice results displayed in two different ways
  • Realistic dice rolling physics
  • Totally random number generation
  • Dice thrown via Physics Engine

The dice clatter, tumble, and fall just like real dice and you can mix and match the styles and types with each roll. Need to roll 3d6 with 1d12? Go ahead and toss whatever you want. I can see this being a very useful tabletop computer app for Mutant Lords (or GMs or DMs or what have you). Free download available for Windows XP or better, as well as Mac OS X 10.4 and better. Go grab it here: Mad Ogre Games Rock'N'Roll Dice Roller!


  1. That is just awesome - thanks for the info!


  2. Looks like fun. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Nice find dude! Downloading now. I've already given my meatspace dice to the homeless. (okay, that's going a bit too far; but this looks like fun.)