Monday, April 26, 2010

New Mutant Future Science Fiction Character Classes

Over on the Dragonsfoot forums, I stumbled across a very interesting set of sci-fi character classes for Mutant Future. Designed and posted by Scott W. Roberts, the classes are an attempt to flesh out and expand upon the basic Pure Strain Human race by giving them subclasses they could specialize in. There are a LOT of options in this 15-page downloadable document. A quick readthrough reveals the following classes:

  • Fighter

  • Agent

  • Psychic

  • Engineer

  • Medic

  • Scholar

And Scott takes it further by "tweaking" some of these new classes into further subclasses such as:

  • Mad Scientist

  • Alien

  • Beast-Man

  • Martial Artist

New weapons, new psychic abilities, and even new alignments makes this a very meaty supplement for Mutant Future. I suggest downloading this and giving it a readthrough yourself. Lots of smoldering atomic goodness within! Download it by clicking here!


  1. Very nice! We have some similar classes in our game so it'll be interesting to see how they compare. :)

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  3. Very cool--and timely as I'm working up new character classes for X-plorers! Thanks!

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  5. Lol. I was hyped, but the link is dead. :D Found the thread on DF though. Gotta contact him to see if he'll send via email.