Saturday, April 3, 2010

Military Classes And Buck Rogers Drop Into The Mutant Future

Some new Mutant Future material has surfaced at the blog The Library: Retro and Classic Fantasy Games.

Blogmeister Dave B. has first come up with a system of introducing modern military classes into the Mutant Future. His post on Modern Military Classes introduces the Pilot, Medic, Scientist, Scout, and Soldier to the post-apocalyptic hellscape. (It is a little reminiscent of a concept I had for introducing classes to MutFut, but I like what Dave has presented.)

Dave also statted up everyone's favorite displaced 25th century Earth defender with his entry on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Using his own Military Classes system, Dave created Buck, Wilma Deering, Dr. Heur, and even Twiki! If you ever wondered how Buck would fare in the world of the blasted future, now's your chance!

(Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Dave's excellent ideas for Labyrinth Lord too! Go check out the site!)


  1. Thanks! I've been reading your guys postings both on blogs and Goblinoid's forums that I decided to throw some of my things out there.

  2. I knew I'd seen something regarding classes in Mutant Future somewhere! Thanks for the links--I've been trying to devise something for a possible upcoming campaign.

  3. Thanks...

    Now I have to Netflix the entire Buck Rogers franchise.

    ...stupid childhood memories...


  4. Very cool, I'll def. check it out!

  5. i just give skills for species, tech and cryptic alliances +1d4 my skills here (more advanced the less skills as my highest tech are machine pampered)