Monday, April 5, 2010

Furtive Faction: San Tass Helpers/San Tass Elles

Group Goals and Beliefs: To assist the downtrodden. To punish the "naughty." To bring joy to children and adult. To bestow gifts upon the meek.

Identifiers: Helpers are often dressed in red clothes with white lining at the cuffs and collars. They identify each other, one saying "He sees you when you're sleeping." The other will answer, "He knows when you're awake."

Group History: According to legend, San Tass Helpers (male) and San Tass Elles (female) were founded long before the Final Wars. The group's founder, "Saint Nickolas Krangel," was a citizen of the town of San Tass, thought to have been located near the Ancient cities of San Diego and San Francisco. A true benefactor, Krangel made it his mission in life to bestow gifts to those who were truly worthy. He would travel thorough the world in one night to deliver these gifts. (It is thought that he had a very advanced form of teleportation.) Legend has it that he kept a list of all of the good and bad people in the world - checking it twice before his worldwide rounds. Krangel was also a powerful telepath, able to look at the minds of anyone anywhere, knowing instantly if that person was sleeping or awake, or bad or good. The San Tass Helpers/Elles now follow the Doctrine of Krangel by making rounds throughout the Wastelands, bringing joy to the little ones and bestowing their gifts to those who are "good." Those who are "naughty" are met with punishment - sometimes violently, depending on the faction's stance. It is said that the most holy of San Tass religious texts - "A Visit From Saint Nickolas" - resides at Krangel's final resting at Nord Poll. Many pilgrimages to this holiest of places have never returned.

Game Information: This group is very church-like in its devoutness to The Most Holy Krangal. They follow absolute tenants of Christmastime, i.e., giving, charity, goodwill, peace, etc. However, they also know that the wicked is punished for being "naughty" (which is an absolute mortal sin to the Helpers). They know the Ancient texts refer to a flammable rock known as "coal" as a means to punish, so they have twisted the meaning to be "punishment by fire." So even though the followers are helpful and peaceful, they will violently punish the wicked by setting fire to their home, their belongings, or even them.


  1. This is a great post. It really gave me a chuckle. I may have to use them in my "future" Mutant Future campaign.

  2. Sniderman, that is postively twisted awesomeness. Love it.