Thursday, April 29, 2010

And The Thundarr DVD Set Winner Is...

...Chad Thorson!

Chad's entry (drawn at random from those who posted in this thread) was as follows:
"Lords of Light! Look! Slithering out from that rock! It's a serpent with the face of a Richard Nixon!"

Congrats Chad!


  1. Congrats indeed! I'm mucho jealous!

  2. Congratulations Chad--that is one scary ass monster!

    Sniderman, you'll be interested to check out these sweet vintage Thundarr articles on Branded in the 80s:

    Fangoria 1980 article

    Fantastic magazine 1980 article

    Not sure if you've seen them--I first did on Geek Orthodox, but these are the full posts with scanned images.

    Really cool stuff, enjoy!

  3. Wow, Thanks a lot!

    Now I'll have to stat that creature up!