Thursday, August 27, 2015

RPG-A-DAY 2015 Day 27: Two Games Into One...Gonzo Western


Interesting question. I do enjoy games that combine two genres into a brand new category of game. For example:

Horror + Western = Deadlands
Victorian + Sci Fi = Space 1899
Sci Fi + Fantasy = Spelljammer

All good stuff. 

But one of my favorite genres (if it can be described as such) would be Gonzo. "Gonzo" is defined as "crazy, madcap, anarchistic". In other words, games that have a more comedic bent to them. I've even written at length about my love affair with gonzo games. I love games that have a gonzo attitude about them. Paranoia is my "gonzo sci fi" game of choice. Stuper Powers! is my "gonzo supers" game of choice. Ghostbusters would be my "gonzo horror" game of choice. There seems to be a "gonzo" version of pretty much every genre of RPG, except one -- The Gonzo Western.

There are a ton of "gonzo westerns" to illustrate my intent. Just off the top of my head, there's Support Your Local Sheriff/Gunfighter, The Three Amigos, Evil Roy Slade, The Villain, A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Shakiest Gun in the West, Maverick, and They Call Me Trinity/They Still Call Me Trinity.

And, of course, Blazing Saddles.

So the two game genres I'd love to see combined would be the gritty old west action of Boot Hill with the zany antics of Blazing Saddles. I even have a title for it:

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