Thursday, December 5, 2013

[Mutant Future] Going Postal: The Ravinoti & Wisdom From The Wastelands: Drugs Now Out

The newest Going Postal and Wisdom From the Wastelands supplements for Mutant Future are now on sale!
Darwin's Children: The Ravinoti -- This new issue of John Buckley's "Going Postal" series introduces a new race called the Ravinoti.  These bipedal man-sized ravens are the ninjas of the post-apocalyptic world.  Living in small family enclaves ruled by an elder, these creatures hire themselves out as spies, assassins, and couriers to anyone who can afford their fees. This supplement includes both the monster stat block as well as the player character description including new mutations and an example Ravinoti lair.
Wisdom From the Wastelands Issue 33 is “Drugs” and described as follows: "The science fiction equivalent of magical potions and elixirs, drugs and medications are similarly treasured. Because of widespread use by the Ancients, chemical compounds of all sorts can be found almost anywhere: in ruined bases, villains' caches, or within the junk hoarded by mutant monsters. These potent pharmaceuticals can bring a character back from the brink of death, or provide enough of an edge to keep him from getting there. This issue describes different (and yet familiar) types of drugs commonly found in the post-apocalyptic environment, includes a few optional rules, and has a handy chart for the game master who would like to randomly determine a drug's form."

Both Mutant Future supplements are only 99 cents and are available at Drive Through RPG.

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