Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Ghostbusters RPG] Two Free Adventures To Prep You For The Obsolete Simulations Roundup In 10 Days!

We're only 10 days away from the Obsolete Simulations Roundup -- a blog-wide celebration of  forgotten, obscure, but well-loved RPGs! If you have a gaming blog and you'd like to join in the fun, please send an email to gameagain at gmail period com with your blog name and URL and, if you've decided, the game you plan to discuss and support that day. I'll keep a running list of blogs that are participating as well as the game you plan to spotlight. (Check out the ever-growing list at the bottom of this post!)

To get everyone in the mood for some not-your-usual gaming fare, I thought I'd share some stuff I've written for one of my favorite RPGs -- West End Games' Ghostbusters.
Ghostbusters broke a lot of ground when it came out back in 1986. It was a forerunner to the D6 System, later made popular by WEG's Star Wars RPG. It was a humorous RPG that was actually both fun and funny. The ghost die mechanic made for memorable random events during the game. And everyone is at least passingly familiar with the movies (and cartoons and comic books and video games), so there's no long-winded setting explanations needed. Strap on a proton pack and get to work!

Here, I've posted links to two Ghostbusters RPG adventures I've run at both Gen Con and Gary Con. Both are a bit unpolished, but you should be able to run your players through both with ease. In "How Dry I Am," the Ghostbusters are thrown into a crisis of "Olympian proportions" as all of the world's alcohol is consumed by malevolent spirits. And in "The Shadow Over Yonkers," a badly translated version of the Necronomicon is stolen from Miskotonic University (Yonkers Branch) by a group of immature Deep Ones.

Greek Gods? Lovecraftian Great Old Ones? How will your team of fledgling Ghostbusters cope? (Click the covers to download each one!)


  1. Hey Tim, just ran How Dry I Am for my regular group and they had a ball. Great job!


  2. These look great! I needed a quick plot concept, and these are so much better.