Saturday, December 14, 2013

For Inspiration: The Random Fantasy Adventure Module Title Generator

After posting yesterday's B Movie Title Generator, I wasn't sure if I had shared this other gem with you folks. It's the Adventure Title Generator from the apparently defunct blog Sundering Wrath, and I use it quite a bit for inspiration. The titles it generates are similar in feel and tone to the titles of the classic D&D modules you may have seen on the shelves of your FLGS (though the generator is apparently based on the 4e D&D world).

Stuck for ideas some time ago, I used this generator to create a batch of titles for potential adventure ideas. One that popped up, "Warlord of the Sacred Library," became a Thundarr adventure I ran at Gary Con earlier this year. Another title, "The Scourge From Beyond Infinity," is earmarked for a future DCC RPG funnel. (If I can find time to write it!) Here's a taste of what a few clicks brings up:

Bargain of the Ghouls
The Book of the Cruel Underdark
Queen of the Marksman's Guild
The Plague Widow
Through the Spider Tomb
Below the Bloody Catacombs
The Bard's Last Will
The Inn of the Cursed Knight
Quest of the Living Dead
Vecna's Tribe 

(C'mon, you long-time D&D players can't tell me you wouldn't LOVE to run  through "Vecna's Tribe"!)

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  1. Thanks for linking to my old Sundering Wrath blog. The campaign died, unfortunately, but the tools live on - and actually have a new home on my personal site (