Friday, December 13, 2013

[Late, Late, Late Show] Random B Movie Title Generator

I believe my RPG of choice for the upcoming "Obsolete Simulations Roundup" will be It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show by Stellar Games.  (Role-playing in the world of cheesy B-movies!) While doing a bit of research, I stumbled across the Random B Movie Titler at Seventh Sanctum.  Not only is this PERFECT for a cheesy movie RPG, the titles it churns out is great fodder for your horror/sci fi adventures. Wouldn't YOU like to play in an adventure titled:

Annie Oakley versus The Bees
Battle Beyond Uranus
Dreadful Journey to Hyboria
Drought!, Part III
Lancelot and Aladdin versus The Ravager
Labyrinth of Satan
Mission of Bloodthirst
Plague Breaker
Ravager Attack, The Return
The Depraved Emperess Miller
The Destruction of De Sade
The Disease Breed
The Evil Case of The Heart Controller
The Eye Healer, The Final Chapter
The Minotaur from The Future
The Moscow Evil
The Paris Damnation
The Sensual Mystery of The Radioactive Eternity

Sniderman encourages you to check this nifty tool out. A bazillion inspirations await!


  1. Man, I would watch SO MANY OF THOSE.

  2. Nice choice for your game. I was always amused by the 'you play a character, playing a character' aspect of that game.

    Also, I got these:
    Assignment: Disease
    Cyborg War
    I was a teenaged Calamity Jane
    Journey to Pluto
    Lancelot versus the Assasin
    My Mom Married Caligula
    The Bat-Man
    The Dreadful Sandra Parker
    The Impossible Captain Brown
    The Madhouse of Medusa
    War of The Claw Eaters
    Hercules' Ghost
    Infinity: Demon of the Bio Blade

    And this movie trailer cracked me up:
    On a planet of monsters, in a time of hate, six architects search for fame.