Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gary Con Day 3: Library Warlords and Drenched Mutants

Today was going to be my busiest day "GM-wise" as I was running two back-to-back Mutant Future adventures, one of them being the ever-popular Thundarr game. Here are the highlights of the day's events as well as anything else that strikes my fancy to talk about...

  • Got up bright and early so I could run six players through my new Thundarr adventure, "Warlord of the Sacred Library" at 8 a.m. To start this Saturday morning off right, I provided a healthy breakfast of Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios (in breakfast bar form). Once we were appropriately sugared up, the game began! I won't summarize the plot of the game (you can download the adventure for that), but here are some highlights: Ookla -- having been shot three consecutive times by the same robot centurion -- got frustrated enough that he picked up a nearby Yugo and pounded the robot into the ground like a tent peg. The party spent 10 minutes devising a plan to sneak into the villain's lair in disguise, only to have it suddenly end when Thundarr shouted "I TIRE OF THIS MASQUERADE!" as he ripped off his costume and began Sun Swording every robot in sight. Ariel cast a spell that caused Ookla to duplicate into 4 separate Moks, who then proceeded to overpower and defeat The Big Bad Guy. And the wizard behind the shenanigans teleported away to torment the players at a future con! Once again, a great Thundarr game with a great group of players! Demon dogs, it was epic!
  • Immediately after Thundarr, I ran my Mutant Future module "Dead in the Water." The players managed to fight off the Drenched hordes before they could overpower their little fishing village. There was just enough tension to keep things interesting, but at the end, they managed to discover what was behind the reanimated dead and stop the Sea Wraith just in time. ("Narlins Saints." Heh, I never tire of that joke.) This was the last playtest to work out the bugs before this adventure is released in about a month or two.
  • Was to play in Mike Curtis' DCC game right after that, but I stopped by his table to bow out due to being pretty burned out. He had not arrived yet, so I left my ticket for someone waiting to get in. Ran into Michael later that evening and he explained the car he was in broke down in town and he got back a few hours after his game was scheduled to begin. Argh, that must've sucked.
  • Sat in on the annual Gary Con auction. This year, all proceeds went to help out Ernie Gygax who lost everything in a recent fire. There were a LOT of rare one-of-a-kind items and collectibles up that went for hundreds upon hundreds of dollars each. Too rich for my blood, but fun to see these items and what they went for.
  • Would like to stop by and play in The Tower of Gygax tonight, but I'm afraid I'm just too pooped at this point. It's being run tomorrow, so maybe I'll try then. Here are a few unposted pictures I found lurking in my camera:

There are still notices for pick-up games being pinned all around the lodge. If you can't find something to play in 24/7 at Gary Con, you're doing it wrong.

The infamous Gary Con Jousting table during one of the quiet moments.

Was able to hit the Dealer's Hall for a few sought after goodies. And at one booth, I instantly won an extra $20 credit good for any item they had! 

And look what I bought with that $20 credit. I didn't even know it was out yet, and I end up picking it up at Gary Con. Look for a review very soon!


  1. is that a lich t-shirt?!

    That is fantastic

    1. Yup, go it from the Noble Knight booth, in fact. Nice and old school.