Friday, March 15, 2013

Gary Con's "Arbor Day" for Chill and "The Day The Sky Fell" for Timemaster Now Available

It's not Mutant Future-related, but I wanted to share the two adventures I've run over the past two days here at Gary Con. Thought there may be fans of the original Pacesetter First Edition Chill RPG who could use a new adventure for their SAVE Envoys. Also here is my adventure for the Timemaster RPG which, as you're no doubt aware, is now owned by, carried, and supported by Goblinoid Games! So here you go -- click the covers to download 'em from Google Drive:

Horrific axe murders committed in Oregon's Tillamook State Forest are identical to those committed by the legendary "Paul Bunyon Killer" 40 years earlier. However, the original murderer -- now elderly and feeble -- remains behind bars. Has a copycat killer surfaced, or is this the work of the Unknown?

It's 1979 and Topeka, Kansas, has been burned off the face of the Earth. Surviving victims claim they saw the Sun itself cut a path of destruction through the city, killing tens of thousands. Tensions between the U.S. and USSR have never been higher, and World War III is imminent unless Time Corps agents can determine what happened and stop it before it ever occurred!

(And for who need a Mutant Future adventure to run, stay tuned! There may be some Lords of Light and Demon Dogs on this blog soon! Ahhhhhhhhhhh-heee!)

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  1. Thanks for the Chill download! It was my first RPG that I ever played and I still run it every now and then. Wish I could make it to Gary Con, hope everyone has fun!