Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Ancient Armory] Cactus Armor AKA "The Porcu-suit"

When it comes to protecting themselves, the mutants who thrive in the wastelands can be a pretty ingenious bunch. One rather frail and puny denizen who lived in an arid desert area stumbled against one of the many cactus plants that thrive there. After spending the afternoon pulling thorns out of his skin, he got the idea of covering himself with these barbed spines. And thus, the first suit of Cactus Armor was born.

Cactus Armor is simply a full body covering that has been outfitted with thousands of sharp pointed barbs. Most folks use nails, spikes, and pointed bits of scavenged metal. Others use actual thorns and spines taken from cacti and other thorny plants. Whatever is used, the base armor class of this suit of cobbled-together protection is AC 7 -- the same as a suit of leather armor. However, the wearer should be treated as if they have the spiny growth mutation. Any who come into physical contact with the suit should take 1d6 hit points of damage from the dangerous barbed outer surface.

Another benefit the suit bestows is that the spines act as a "buffer" -- spreading blunt concussive force over a larger area. If struck by a blunt weapon -- a mace, cudgel, club, or other unedged bludgeoning device -- the damage should be reduced by 2 points as the blow is spread over a larger area, thus reducing the force of the blow. However, whereas the suit lessens the damage from blunt weapons, it actually increases damage taken from edged weapons as the spines act as a "guide" for the blade. The spines offer no stopping power over swords and knives, and actually allow such a weapon to easily slip between them, guiding the blade directly to the softer material underneath. The mutant will take an extra 2 points of damage from edged weapons due to this. The spines do nothing to stop or deflect firearms, lasers, arrows, or other ranged weapons, though there are no damage increases from such attacks either.

Although the combat potential for a suit of Cactus Armor is limited, the suit is very useful for mutants exposed to dangerous wildlife in their area or those who may encounter them when they travel. A Spidergoat or Charger will think twice before attacking someone outfitted like a human pincushion!


  1. Back in the 80s, there was a punk guy in my area (his name was Kerr) who wore pants with what was probably thousands of roofing nails stuck through his jeans. His legs were probably bullet proof, but you could hear him from blocks away.

  2. Reminds me of Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.