Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Sniderman Went To Gary Con And All I Got Was This Lousy Swag Package"

EDITED TO NAME WINNER!: After 48 hours, I used a d7 to choose among the seven entries in the Comments below. The winner is "Brian!" Email coming, Brian, so stay tuned and congrats!

For those who weren't able to make it to Gary Con this year, but who would like to pretend they made it out, I have a special Gary Con swag package up for grabs. In this special package, you'll get:

  • The official Gary Con V event catalogue!
  • The official Gary Con V plastic Happy Hour cup!
  • The official Gary Con Dungeon Master badge lanyard!
  • The official Gary Con ballpoint pen!

All you gotta do to enter is Comment on this post below. Be sure to give me an email so I can reach you. (You can mangle it to avoid spambots ala "gameagain at gmail period com" or something.) I'll probably draw a winner in a few days -- whenever I feel like it. So pop in your entry early! I don't mind shipping worldwide, so folks all around this Big  Blue Marble of ours are welcome to enter. Good luck!


  1. Eeeeeeee! A contest!


  2. I can't believe they had a convention dedicated to Gary Shandling and I missed it!


  3. By The Lords of Light! You went to Gary Con. Do they know that your missing?

  4. arghh i missed this...

    quarktasche at hotmail period com

  5. Swag is cool. So is this blog.
    bnearon at gmail dot com

  6. Bummed that I missed Gary Con, would love to have some swag to soften the loss...
    dhunton at gmail dot com

  7. Kinda bummed I missed it as well. But hopefully next year will prove more fortuitous for me.
    diceandmen at gmail dot com

  8. awesome. I wanted to go, but work has sneaky ways of keeping you from enjoying things.

    brucecallan2 at gmail dot com