Thursday, May 20, 2010

[Thundarr Thursday] World of Thundarr Sourcebook Updated

No new entries today, but I did have time to update The World of Thundarr the Barbarian Sourcebook with a ton of recent new material. This month's updates include:

  • Aquagill
  • Attack of the Amazon Women adventure
  • Sky Dragon
  • Chatterer
  • Grizzly Snake
  • Yondo the Wizard
  • Oceanbrood
  • Spellrender
That brings the contents of the supplement up to:
  • 57 pages of Thundarr/Mutant Future goodness
  • 3 Character Races
  • 5 NPCs
  • 9 Dangerous Devices
  • 25 Creatures
  • And 4 full adventures in the Thundarr world!

As always, my plans are to update the sourcebook once a month with any new material added so this will always be up-to-date. Announcements (like this one) will be made whenever an updated file is posted. The full sourcebook will always remain free and available for download over there in the right-hand column.

One note: I may switch gears off of Thundarr for a bit as I have something else in mind for Thursday for a few weeks. Another barbarian in a post-apocalyptic world is hammering at the door and demanding equal time.

In a dark, future wasteland, the Great Cities have risen and fallen. Civilization's grip on mankind has grown weak and arthritic. Dark forces seek to renew forgotten covenants, and primordial beasts reclaim the wilderness. Out of the frozen north, a man emerges - a man of a barbaric age, whose merciless savagery may be the only key to his survival.


  1. "I dind't know there would be this much talking."

  2. I would have long since printed out your sourcebook, but you update it more then I do my blog! LOL I'm just waiting for you to run out of ideas - hopefully not any time soon!

  3. "Another barbarian in a post-apocalyptic world is hammering at the door and demanding equal time."

    Oh, I can't wait!


  5. Wow, maybe I will get a print version of MF for use with this.

    I'm interested in a Lejendary Adventure version of Blackstar (the carton that grew from Thundarr before He-Man made the same idea popular).

  6. I loved this show as a kid. Your info and mechanics all seem to blend perfectly for a thundarr universe.


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