Sunday, May 2, 2010

Return To The Colony August 2010

Discovery Channel's groundbreaking post-apocalyptic reality show The Colony returns for Season 2 in August 2010. Ten new episodes of the show have been ordered.

For those who missed Season 1 last year, The Colony is a controlled experiment to see if 10 volunteers can survive inside a simulated post-apocalyptic environment for two months. A gritty, urban warehouse in downtown Los Angeles served as the setting for Season 1. In Season 2, we've been told that the series goes to the next level of disaster reality, on location in the South. (Rumor has it that Season 2 is being filmed in a devastated post-Katrina area of Louisiana.)

Here's a link to The Colony's Discovery Channel page. No info on Season 2 has been posted yet, but here's a link to the press release closing out the casting call for Season 2 as well as some basic info on the new season.


  1. Um, when was the South, particularly Louisiana, *not* a disaster? LOL

  2. Lord Irish...Hey, I live in the South! umm wait..ok nevermind... : )

    I caught a few episodes of season 1, it does have some lootable stuff for PA games.

  3. I had some problems with the show but I found it entertaining to watch at least. A couple of those people were just unstable and there's no way I'd want to have them around in a PA setting. That and my priorities would be very different than the ones the show's producers gave them. Some of their MacGuyver-ing of stuff into really useful PA tech was really cool though.

  4. Big fan of the first series, so I'm pleased to see the show returning. I agree that some of the folks were a little less than stable, but that also made it a bit more tense, which is in keeping with the post-apoc genre! As I understand it, this season they're moving away from the mechanics, scientists, doctors, and other experts that made up the survivors and this season will feature regular ol' people without any kind of special skill sets.

    They'll be dead within 48 hours. ;)