Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Post-Apocalypse Settlement and Junk Generators

While doing some research for a random results table I'm putting together (no spoilers!), I stumbled across a couple of interesting random generators for the post-apocalyptic RPG Deadlands: Hell on Earth. These can easily be used in your Mutant Future games:

So your PCs have stumbled across a settlement out in the middle of nowhere. So how big is it? What do they do for food? How is it protected from bandits? And who are the important townsfolk? Well, with this Settlement Generator, you can create an entire village on the fly - from the system of government they follow, to the names of the local hierachy.

Whether your players find a field of tossed-away refuse; a trashed shopping mall; or a big ol' pile of junk, you may one day need to come up with a large amount of potentially useful, probably useless garbage. With the Random Scavenged Junk Generator, you just input how much junk you need, and the generator will pop out a list of what was found, what condition it's in, and its value. Let's see...I need three items, and I got a set of solar battery rechargers (needs some fixing), an inflatable raft (deflated and unrepairable), and a pair of swin fins (like new condition). The generator says there are more than 400 items, so Mutant Lords will have plenty of junk for PCs to rummage through.


  1. Both of those are awesome. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting ready to run a game set in Firefly Verse and both will be very useful. The settlement generator will obviously require different write ups, but the stores, people, government, etc., will all be great for generating towns on the border planets and the outer rim.

  2. Yup, you can never have too many random stuff generators. But the settlement generator is really good and I've gotten a bit of use out of it - if nothing more than for inspiration for my own shanty towns.

  3. I'm glad to hear folks are using these generators outside of Hell on Earth. I've also been working on other generators. One is meant to creat a solar system and even planets. I started it for my Stargate games but here is a link to test it so far:

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  5. Replies
    1. Sadly, the links are 5 years old, so the sites seem to have gone away. But here are some that are still going strong:
      100 Random Post-Apoc Junk Items:

      Settlement Generator (Deadlands)

    2. And a Junk Generator: