Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mutant Future Modifiers and Materials

Once again, JDJarvis over at the blog Aeons & Augauries has come up with some interesting Mutant Future material:
  • First up, he's developed a two new Ability Modifiers: Cognition and Psycho-Active. These modifiers come into play if a character needs to be a bit more perceptive or if he comes under a mental attack. These modifiers are based on a PC's INT and WIL scores, respectively.
  • Next, he's come up with a set of devices based on Psycho-Kinetic energy. From armor to weapons and other knick-knacks, Psycho-Kinetic devices were created by The Ancients to take advantage of any mental mutations a person may have.
  • Finally, he presents some new high-tech materials for the construction of gear, armor, and tech. (I'd like to get my hands on some Plasteel armor, m'self.)
Anyway, check out his Mutant Future Additions for more information!

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