Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ancient Armory: DNACX

Here's an item that could either have wondrous benefits or dangerous consequences for our Mutant Future explorers. They happen upon a small wooden box with a simple latch. Upon opening it, they will find a simple glass hypodermic syringe filled with a clear fluid. The box is lined with a blue material and - on the inside lid - the letters DNACX are embroidered.

No amount of research or testing will reveal the nature of the syringe's contents, and the Ancient word DNACX is unknown even to the oldest of elders. If the PCs have access to an Ancient database, DNACX still will not register. However, if they research DNA CX, the database will reveal that "CX" is an abbreviation for the word "correction."

DNACX is an experimental substance that was under development shortly after The Fall of the Ancients. When mutations began to globally surface, Ancient scientists began to experiment with ways to cleanse the DNA of those affected. DNACX was the result.

If a syringe of DNACX is injected into any living creature, the solution will begin correcting the subject's DNA. The end result will be that one of the subject's mutations (selected at random) will be "corrected" - in other words, completely removed. There is no way to determine which mutation will be corrected, nor is there any way to "force" the removal of a specific mutation. The end result could remove either a beneficial or harmful mutation.

If a subject has no mutations, they will have an adverse reaction to the drug, losing 1d4 CON permanently and becoming violently ill for 24 hours. DNACX will remove mutations from replicants and mutant humans/animals/plants, but it has no effect on basic or synthetic androids.

Because of its "corrective" ability, DNACX would be treasured by villages and towns attempting to purge its residents of mutation. It may also be valued by a mutant who suffers from nothing but drawback mutations.


  1. Thanks! I figured The Ancients were futilely trying to "fix" the arising mutations in the early days of The Fall. DNACX was the result.