Friday, July 10, 2009

Dangerous Encounter: Thicker Than Water

This short (but potentially deadly) encounter should take place outside of a ruined hospital or clinic, although it can take place just about anywhere in the Mutant Future. In the distance, the party should hear a piercing scream that is suddenly silenced. Their curiosity (hopefully) will prompt them to investigate. (Or the party could be heading in the direction of the old hospital anyway to loot for potential healing supplies and/or Ancient Artifacts.)

As they approach the building, they’ll spy a tall, thin humanoid in a clearing hunched over something unseen. Sickening slurping sounds of feeding are coming from the crouched creature. They have stumbled across a Mansquito (MF Rulebook, pg. 82) feeding on a hapless victim.

Mansquitoes (3) (AL C, MV 120' (40'); Glide 150’ (50’), AC 6, HD 9, #AT 1 (weapon, proboscis, or blood sucking), DG weapon, 1d4, or 1d6, SV L4, ML 8, Mutations: complete wing development)

If the party attacks, the feeding Mansquito will defend itself to the best of its ability, however it is fully bloated by now and only moves at 90’ and may not glide. In addition, two other Mansquitoes lurking on top of the building will hear the combat and will silently glide down to join the fight. (You may want to have the characters roll to see if they notice the new combatants entering the fray.)

Once the Mansquitoes are dealt with, the party members are free to enter the hospital to loot the place. If they just brazenly walk in through the front doors, however, they’re in for a nasty surprise. The Mansquitoes have been keeping a nest of eight Hemofowls (MF Rulebook, pg. 75) in the hospital’s lobby. Any victims the Mansquitoes caught were tossed in here first. The Hemofowls would attack the victim, infecting them with the hemophilia mutation, thereby making it easier for the Mansquitoes to feed. Needless to say, the Hemofowls are stirred up and will attack anyone who enters.

Hemofowls (8) (AL N, MV 90' (30'); Fly 180’ (60’), AC 6, HD 5, #AT 2 (beak, special), DG 1d6, SV L6, ML 7, Mutations: toxic weapon)

If the Hemofowls are defeated, the party will find the following items tucked inside various Hemofowl nests throughout the lobby: 51 silver pieces, 14 gold pieces, an Antitox Shot, a Stimshot A, and 3 Hemofowl eggs. If the party goes all the way to the top of the building, they will also find 27 gold pieces where the Mansquitoes once lurked. Sadly, there is nothing else of value in the medical complex, although the party is free to use the facility as a headquarters or base of operations if so desired. The Mutant Lord may also want to place a future adventure plot hook somewhere within the building (an underground bunker complex, a hidden map to a large Ancient experimental medicine facility, etc.).


  1. Good encounter. I like the mutant synergy.

    A note anyone: do a Google images search for hospital floor plans and you'll have many dozens of choices of hospitals to populate with hemofowl and mansquitos.

  2. Thanks for noticing the synergy. I figured one causes you to bleed out - the other drinks the blood - what better pairing? I like mixing up the critters of the Mutant Future. Here's a thought for a future encounter: The characters hear of a spidergoat nest and go to investigate. They charge in, and it's a NIGHTgoat nest. Yipe!