Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mutant Future Character Sheet

While poking around for Mutant Future-related news and posts, I found this post at the blog A Rust Monster Ate My Sword. A few months back, blogmeister Christopher Brackett created an incredibly cool-looking character sheet for Mutant Future. Love the radiation symbol in the background. He's posted both a black and white and color version of the sheet at his blog, so I encourage you to go there and download it. And by all means, enjoy the rest of his site as well.


  1. Glad you like the sheet - and thanks for the bump! :D

    The Savage AfterWorld crept in under my radar when it went live, but rest assured I'll be following it with great interest. (Any site that posts stats for firewhales is worth keeping a close eye on, IMO. :P)

  2. Thanks for the visit and the kind words! I thought the character sheet was pretty sweet, so I wanted to call attention to it to MF fans.

    Must be quite a few Thundarr fans since more than a few folks actually knew what a firewhale was! Maybe I'll work up the "Mok" as a player character class.