Saturday, March 28, 2015

[Mutant Future] The Danforth Heli-Sub-Tank From "The Three Stooges In Orbit"

Required crew: Cabin holds three, though one can drive solo
Top Speed: Ground 40 MPH; Sea 60 MPH; Air 100 MPH
Cargo: 1,000 lbs.
Structural HP: 50 HP
Armor: AC 4
Weaponry: Plasma Cannon - 10d6 hp damage

Designed by Professor Danford as an experimental military vehicle, the Heli-Sub-Tank is an all-terrain motorized conveyance that can travel via air, sea, and land. It can also achieve escape velocity to go into orbit as well. The Heli-Sub-Tank is a smaller vehicle, with a cabin that can hold three passengers comfortably. The hold can hold up to 1,000 pounds of cargo (as well as more passengers, though it will be an uncomfortable fit). A rear-mounted plasma cannon is the only weapon on the vehicle, which does 10d6 hp damage to any targets.

Background: As seen in archival footage from the Bygone Year of 1962, the Heli-Sub-Tank was taken on an initial successful test-run by Prof. Danforth's three assistants when they managed to drive it across the Mojave Desert, fly it over California, and take it into low orbit for several spins around the earth before returning it to the Professor's workshop. The vehicle was commandeered by Martians who planned to have the vehicle mass-produced for a future invasion of Earth. They installed a plasma cannon to the rear of the vehicle to use as an offensive weapon during their conquest. It was only through the interference of Prof. Danforth's assistants that the vehicle was recovered and the invasion thwarted. However, due to the vehicle's bizarre design and limited applications, the prototype was shelved by the military and never put into production. It was thought lost to the ages until it resurfaced in the Mutant Future.

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