Sunday, March 15, 2015

International TableTop Day "Boardgame Review Blog Hop" Call For Participants

International TableTop Day will be coming up on April 11. This recently-founded event is a day where folks come together to celebrate tabletop gaming together. Gamestores will be hosting events, and gaming groups will gather in dining rooms, gamerooms, and basements around the world to Play More Games.

As a way of contributing to this event, I plan to assemble a blog hop of bloggers' boardgame reviews that will go live and run during the day-long event. What do I have in mind? I'd like to see the gaming blog community post a review or overview of their favorite boardgame. It can be a current favorite, a classic tabletop game, an obscure gaming relic -- any game that you would like to promote and talk up. (Though I'd like to steer clear of The Current Hotness in games and would rather focus on those games that never seem to be in the spotlight).

If you have a blog and would like to participate, drop me an email at gameagain at gmail period com and tell me your blog's name, its URL address, and the boardgame you'd like to feature that day. I'll post a weekly update of participants as the event draws near and will set up a blog hop Linky. Then, on April 11, we should see a plethora of boardgame reviews, previews, and overviews, giving readers a nice cross-section of games to peruse they might not otherwise have heard about or given a chance. We're a month away, so sign up now if you'd like to participate!

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  1. I'm in, I even know what what game I will be playing. Cheers!