Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[Korgothursday] Ancient Armory: The Golden Goblin

The Golden Goblin

Coveted by the evil, wicked, and powerful, the Golden Goblin is a Bygone artifact from "The Fourth Age of Man." Gog-Magog described the statuette as a "rare and curious trinket" possessed by the powerful wizard Specules. Its exact abilities were left undescribed by the Baron of Thieves though he wished to possess its power. When taken from the wizard, Korgoth was informed by Specules that "It has powers beyond your reckoning." With a bored look, Korgoth pressed the Goblin's belly button, activating it. The Golden Goblin began playing a tinny music box tune as the figure danced a little jig. It appears to be a cheap novelty item from the Ancient Days that has no true magical or intrinsic value.

Or does it?

When activated, Specules was shown trying to dance along with the Golden Goblin, revealing that the item has the power to hypnotize all who see and hear it, compelling them to dance along with the Goblin. When the button is pressed and the Goblin begins its dance, all within earshot must make a save versus Willpower. Those who fail will be entranced by the Golden Goblin's gyrations. They will be unable to do anything other than dance along with the grotesque icon for 30 seconds while the device plays its tune. Those who make the save will not be entranced and can act normally. The Golden Goblin can play once before needing to be rewound, a process that takes another 30 seconds of time. Also, those who have fallen victim to the Golden Goblin's entrancement are immune to further trances for 24 hours, as they have apparently become quickly bored by the tiresome music.

NOTE: This "magical" device was inspired by the post-apocalyptic, sword-and-sorcery cartoon "Korgoth of Barbaria." Let's see how much material a 22-minute pilot can provide us! Stay tuned for future installments of Korgothursday!

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