Friday, March 13, 2015

How Many Dice Bags Are In Your Dice Bag?

Like most of you out there, I have a lot of dice. (A loooooooot of dice...) Sitting on top of my gaming collection is a big "dice box" that I keep all of my loose dice in. But those dice are not for playing with. No, instead I have a primary dice bag that I keep my "playin' dice" in. Ta-da...

My primary "bring it to the gaming table dice bag" is this big ol' Crown Royal dice bag. The classic gamer's dice bag since the days gaming began. However, I *hate* having all of my dice jumbled up and randomly tossed in, so I keep my dice sub-divided into even MORE dice bags within...

Inside are five MORE dice bags, each with their own set of sub-divided dice for use depending on the gaming system at hand...

My Dungeon Crawl Classics dice bag has a nice set of Koplow polys with all of the various oddball DCC-necessary polyhedrals. (They're also oversized so I can read them a bit easier.

My "onomatopoeia" dice bag (AKA "comic book sound effects") is filled with d12s, which I use to run games of Cartoon Action Hour by Spectrum Games.

When the need for d6s arises, I grab my trusty Ghostbusters dice bag. Though these d6s can be used for any d6-oriented game, my preference is, of course, WEG's Ghostbusters RPG. Even have a couple of laser-etched ghost dice on hand.

My radiation dice bag could be considered my "primary" dice bag, as it contains a full set of standard polyhedrals. If I find myself in a game of AD&D, Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, and other d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 systems, this is the bag I use. It also contains my favorite set of percentiles for any games of Cryptworld, Timemaster, or Call of Cthulhu I may find myself in.

Finally, my "dungeon map" dice bag has become a staple at conventions as I use it for any swag and promotional dice I may want to give out at the gaming table. Here you see a small pile of remaining Pacesetter and Savage AfterWorld dice left over from my recent Gamicon trip.

Admittedly, when filled, the Crown Royal bag gets a bit unwieldy. (You could club a person to death with it.) But it's a great way to keep all of my sub-bags organized and out of the way. Anyone else have subsets of their dice on standby for quick action when needed?


  1. The OCD part of my brain is drooling.

  2. I have my dice subdivided into different dice bags, but I don't have a master dice bag... yet.

  3. Not exactly. I have a fishing lure box that goes with me to cons. It has a variety of dice that can meet most needs. There are several sets of Chessex Festive Carousel polyhedrons in a souvenir Zero candy bar container that I use when playing campaigns but the d20's love to roll in single digits--not good for d20 roll over games. Then my Savage Worlds tackle box has some glitter and fluorescent dice that I use for GMing Savage Worlds games.