Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[Cryptworld] New Thing: Cut-Up

A Killer Clown for Cryptworld

STR: 3 (45) --- WPR: 5 (75)
DEX: 5 (75) --- PER: 3 (45)
AGL: 5 (70) --- PCN: 3 (45)
STA: 3 (45) --- PWR: 70
ATT: 2/58% --- WND:12
MV: L 75†

Experience: 1,000

The Cut-Up is a form of Psycho Killer (CW rulebook, page 66) who dresses like and takes on the persona of a typical circus clown. They can appear as a circus clown, jester, joker, harlequin, mime, or any garishly-garbed comic character. However, the Cut-Up's make-up will be smeared; his clothes tattered and soiled,; and a smell of death lingers wherever its grinning rictus-like face leers. Is it thought that a Cut-Up takes on its clownish appearance as a way of spreading a perverse sense of "joy" as it spreads chaos, as well as terrorizing those who have retained a childhood fear of clowns.

Like a Psycho Killer, Cut-Ups are driven by an insatiable bloodlust and need to kill. However, the Cut-Up is manically joyful when committing these foul acts of violence, laughing and joking as it attacks a victim. A Cut-Up is incredibly agile and dexterous, able to perform amazing feats of balance and dexterity. A Cut-Up will often use clowning props, gags, and devices to commit its murders. It may juggle knives shortly before sending all three flying at a victim. A pie in the victim's face may contain a highly corrosive acid. Or the Cut-Up may crush the victim's head with an oversized mallet. The Cut-Up always uses the trappings of comedy while killing as a way of "slaying" his audience..."knocking them dead", so to speak.

Cut-Up Powers

Maniacal Laughter: The high-pitched maniacal laughter of a Cut-Up is so unsettling, it can cause listeners to be paralyzed with fear. Using this power requires a successful PWR check and costs the Cut-Up 10 WPR. All who can hear are required to make general WPR check with a -20% penalty. Failure will paralyze the victim in fright for 3 rounds. The Cut-Up will often attack his frozen victim during this time.

Hammerspace: The Cut-Up can reach into any one of his many pockets and bring out any weapon he desires much like a cartoon or comic book character -- even items that would be impossibly large or improbably problematic for the Cut-Up to carry. For example, the Cut-Up could reach into his pocket and pull out a pitchfork, a rifle, a bomb, anything the Cut-Up can imagine. Using Hammerspace is very taxing for a Cut-Up as he's warping the fabric of reality and bending the laws of physics. It takes one round to pull a weapon from Hammerspace, costs a Cut-Up 50 WPR, and he must make a specific check versus his PWR score. His level of success determines the size of the weapon he would be able to produce from this extradimensional space "behind his back":
S = Small -- The weapon can be something small and handheld with no moving parts, such as a knife or pair of brass knuckles.
L = Little -- The weapon can be something small and handheld with moving parts such as a handgun or stick of lit dynamite.
M = Moderate -- The weapon can be something that fits in two hands with no moving parts such as a sword or pitchfork.
H = Huge -- The weapon can be something that fits in two hands with moving parts such as a rifle or beartrap.
C = Colossal -- The weapon can be something impossibly large with moving parts such as a Civil War cannon or howitzer.
Note that any weapon pulled from Hammerspace is temporary and will fade out of existence and disappear after 5 rounds.