Saturday, November 15, 2014

U-Con's "Gimme Shelter III: Down To Earth" For Mutant Future Available For Download

Last night I ran the newest chapter in the "Barter John" series of Mutant Future adventures at U-Con - "Gimme Shelter III: Down to Earth". And I'm making it available to you for download by clicking this link. Feel free to download it and run your PCs through it. (You might want to grab Gimme Shelter I and Gimme Shelter II first if you want them to experience the full "saga.")

Some notes: The adventure is very short as there was only 3.5-4 hours to run it. Wanted to make sure there was a beginning, middle, and end, so I kept the encounters minimal. Also, it's my personal hammered-out roughs -- warts and all -- just enough to guide the game. Don't expect a polished product, as that was never the intent. Finally, some of you may notice some similarities between the mutants infesting the downed station and some other space-faring zombies found in another classic post-apocalyptic RPG. This is a coincidence -- I swear. :)



  1. Review of this adventure coming up tonight Tim, I do love convention season with you! Cheers!

  2. Your review is up Tim and someone had a bit of a question about the use of the box art from the old VHS film Def Con 4 on a downloadable product. Meanwhile I thought that the adventure was great. Here's your review.

    1. Admittedly the art used to illustrate the cover is from DefCon 4. It's a free download, a fan-made project, and not for purchase, so I didn't see a problem with using it as an illustration. But if I'm contacted by the creators of Defcon 4 or the original artist, I'll be happy to take it down or change it.

      Thanks for the review~

  3. Thanks for the great adventure Tim. Just giving you a heads up pal. All my best and have a great rest of your weekend. Cheers.