Sunday, November 30, 2014

Paranormal Investigations, Underwater Explorations, And Lost Colony Ship Adventures Await!

As we end November and enter the Christmas holiday season, I thought I'd take a moment and point out two nifty Mutant Future supplements that have been brought to my attention as well as an incredible Open D6 game that lets you play paranormal investigators and eliminators like you might find in a previous "frightfully cheerful roleplaying game".

Paranormal Investigators & Exterminators (PIE) -- Ghosts, demons, old gods, and other paranormal entities have been appearing across the world for nearly 30 years. One group staved of the tide for a long time, but as the threat of ghosts and goblins, spectres and spooks overwhelm the planet, they needed help...they needed to franchise! You and your crew are new franchisees of the Paranormal Investigators & Exterminators (PIE), and your job is to capture Paranormal Entities (PE) and make a tidy profit in doing so. A homage to a frighteningly scary roleplaying game, Paranormal Investigators & Exterminators was developed for the Mini-Six roleplaying game system and features new and alternate rules in its lean 12 pages. Also included: Alternate and New Rules and Equipment! Two mini-adventures set in the PIE universe! Three pre-generated Characters so you can jump right in! Five blank character cards if you want to make your own characters! And three paper-minis created and designed by Frank Turfler!

Wisdom From the Wastelands Issue 47: Underwater Rules -- Water covers over 70 percent of Earth’s surface, so it is likely that many adventures will take the occasional aquatic turn. This could happen in the wilds, on the open ocean, or down in inky subterranean depths. Mid-exploration, an evil game master might even open the water valves in an underground tunnel or inundate some ruins below a destroyed dam. A naive player could believe the worst thing about a water encounter is getting wet, or maybe that something large, toothy, and cold-blooded might try to take a friendly little nibble. But any watery environment is an extremely hostile place: the hazards are many and varied, and death can lurk within the most placid of pools. To enhance adventures on the water or below the surface, this issue introduces a plethora of new Mutant Future rules, ranging from water-damaged equipment, to deep-diving pressure, to the ever-present danger of drowning. Just be warned, your players may never go swimming again!

Cave of the Cybersteed -- In the quiet and unsuspecting village of Ek-Wyne, the residents go about their daily and mundane tasks, not realizing that a terror from above has come to call. One by one, the frightened mutant inhabitants disappear in a flash of light. Will those who remain pick up the pieces and carry on, or will they seek out and discover who or what is behind this sinister act? Enter the Cave of the Cybersteed! This is a Mutant Future "Lost Colony Ship" adventure for 4 to 6 players.

PIE and Wisdom are both around $1.00. Cybersteed will run you $6.00 as of this posting.

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