Wednesday, July 2, 2014

“So, You All Meet In A Tavern…”

The Team Leader stood in front of the tavern’s swinging double doors. He was in need of a stalwart party of adventurers to accompany him on his quest, and he had heard tales that this nondescript bar was where such people gathered and socialized. Steeling up his resolve and squaring his shoulders, he walked in.

The Team Leader blinked a few times and staggered a bit as his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. He bumped into a hulking figure in the darkness. The muscular barbarian glared at him, and the Team Leader mumbled an apology and moved further into the establishment. At the bar, he saw a post-apocalyptic “road warrior” chatting with a bored-looking elven magician. Near the fireplace, a femme fatale in mirrored sunglasses and trenchcoat fiddled nervously with a briefcase chained to her wrist. At an adjoining table, an Old West riverboat gambler dealt a hand to a caped superhero, a steampunk inventor, and a cyborg. Meanwhile, in the corner, a futuristic med-bot, a frontier sawbones, and a WWII combat medic discussed surgical techniques from their respective eras.

This was the right place, all right.

The Team Leader loudly and dramatically cleared his throat, and all eyes in the place turned to face him.

“I’m recruiting stalwart adventurers to join me on a quest!” he announced. “I require a warrior, a rogue, a healer, and a sage! So, who’s interested?”

(To Be Continued)


  1. Was the name over the Tavern Door Callahan's ? :D

    1. Ha! Or maybe it's The Floating Vagabond! (Or maybe the post's title means more than just a GM's opening quote!)

    2. Does sound a bit more like The Floating Vagabond, doesn't it?

  2. Replies
    1. Not as such. There's a prototype that I noodle around with, but nothing more than that as I don't have the time to take it much further than that. I have a host of other projects, so this is on the bottom of the stack for now.