Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[GameHack] New Custom Card For Your Monty Python Fluxx Game: The Black Knight

Been playing a bit of Monty Python Fluxx in my home games recently. Even have the Castle Expansion and "Sir Not Appearing in This Game" promo card. But the omission of one card was driving me nuts, as it's such an obvious addition, I'm surprised it doesn't exist.

Doesn't exist until NOW, anyway!

I've created a new Creeper card for your Monty Python Fluxx games: The Black Knight! Like most Creeper cards, he's brought out and played upon drawing. You cannot win the game if he's on the table in front of you unless the current Goal says otherwise. But unlike many other Creepers, The Black Knight has one weakness: You CAN win the game with him on the table, but only if you also have either the King Arthur Keeper or the Excalibur Keeper on the table as well. ("What are you gonna do? Bleed on me?")

The card face should be printed out and pasted to either a spare Fluxx card or you can use one of the Fluxx Blanxx that are available. (Click the image for a higher-rez PNG file. You'll have to resize it yourself.)

I have some ideas for some other additional Monty Python Fluxx cards, but thought I'd throw this out for those who enjoy the game as much as I do.

"You're a looney..."

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