Friday, July 25, 2014

[GameHack] "Camelot! (It's Only A Model...) Shhh!" -- Another New Monty Python Fluxx Card

What can I say? Inspired again to create another new card for Monty Python Fluxx, I created another new one featuring my favorite squire, Patsy, and his only line of the movie. This Action card allows you to discard any one Keeper or Creeper card currently in play on the table. After all, "it's only a model."

As with The Black Knight card, the card face should be printed out and pasted to either a spare Fluxx card or you can use one of the Fluxx Blanxx that are available. (Click the image for a higher-rez PNG file. You'll have to resize it yourself.)

I don't have it out of my system quite yet, as I have ideas for Tim the Enchanter, the Witch ("I'm not a witch!"), the Bridge of Death, and some new Goals for the game. Stay tuned...

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