Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hope You Enjoyed Gary Gygax Day

I was on the road traveling until I walked in the door a few seconds ago, so I didn't get to chuck any dice in Gary's memory today. Hope everyone else ran a game or rolled up a character or just toss back a drink in Gary's honor today.

I love this tribute. Thanks Gary.

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  1. Great tribute! Speaking of tributes, I wanted to thank you again (publically) for helping out with edits on Extra Stout. Since I subjected you to the (very) rough text and then gameplay at Gencon 2012, I've ran it four times. I'm also scheduled to run it for 11 people in two sessions this year, too. Thanks for your awesome help! I can't think of a better tribute to Gary, than for you to share your editing skills in building a better world for roleplayers.