Friday, February 1, 2013

What's On My Gameroom Walls?

I was fascinated by the recent blogger meme-fest where folks were posting pictures of their RPG bookshelves. It was an interesting insight into the various interests and likes of Those Who Blog. Personally, I missed the boat as my own bookshelf is fairly spartan. But what I am fairly proud of -- or at least I think it's interesting -- are the various pieces of art that adorn my gameroom walls. These are the inspirational pictures, posters, and prints that set the "mood" for any gaming that takes place within these four walls. It's what my players stare at on game night. It's what I see when I look up from my laptop as I hammer out these blog posts. I thought I'd share my personal "art gallery" that gets my creative juices flowing (along with any needed explanations) and challenge other bloggers to do the same...
I'm a big fan of Dogs Playing Poker art. Nothing is more American or kitschy. I've had this original "handpainted in Mexico on black velvet" Dogs Playing Poker for more than 20 years. (It's huge too -- about 4 x 3 feet).
 One of my favorite films was the original TRON. The framed poster is an original theater print from 1982. The clock (hard to see in the shadow) is a custom-made Mutant Future clock. The certificate below it recognizes my World Record Video Game High Score on an obscure Atari 2600 game. 
From left to right: My autographed photo of Frank Gorshin (best known at The Riddler from the Batman TV show); a colorful Thundarr poster print; and Jason Lenox's fantastic Thundarr illustration (signed by the artist!)
Finally, two more pieces to share. The one on the right is a Mutant Future cover print signed by artist Mark Allen (numbered 1/200!) And the painting on the left will remain a bit of a mystery. For now, I'll just say that it was painted by artist Jeremy Pea and will appear on the cover of a future Savage AfterWorld Mutant Future supplement.

So that's what hangs on the walls of The Savage AfterWorld. I challenge other bloggers to share the artwork that adorns their own gameroom walls. Let's see what inspires the rest of you!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a nerdatorium

    These are my posts/pics of mine

    These are the tools of my trade (aka gamer books)

  2. i want a painting of cats playing rpgs now

  3. Very cool. Alas, I have no gamer art. And my daughter is slowly taking over my basement. it's like a pink slime mold that's taking over the house...

  4. You can't just go saying things like "my World Record Video Game High Score on an obscure Atari 2600 game."

    Please, i have to know, which game? I realize curiosity won't kill me, but, it will Please tell us!


    1. I have the current World Record on "Halloween" based on the movie, produced by Wizard Video Games for the Atari 2600.

      Score registered and recognized by Twin Galaxies, the folks who produce the Guinness Book of World Records - Video Game edition.

      My record stands at 3,336,600 points, rolling the score three times over the course of an 9.5-hour marathon game, no breaks, no rest, and only 3 men (you don't get more for higher scores). It's not a feat I've tried to duplicate since 2007. To my knowledge, no one else has broken 1 million on that game, let alone rolled the score three times in one session.

      /nerd cred

    2. Close-up pic of certificate:

  5. Twin Galaxies was that arcade... in ...Idaho...Illinois... which was it? That's so cool that you have a certificate from them for your high score.

    1. nvm...just looked at your cert. and it was Iowa, knew it started with an "I" Good to see another gamer from Ohio where they seem few and far between.

  6. Great idea! I covet your Thundarr art.

    I'm doing my best to continue the meme...