Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sniderman's Gary Con 2013 Schedule (In Pictorial Form)

Gary Con 2013 is two weeks away, and I'm getting pretty darned excited. This con has become my MUSTGONOWNOW convention of the season. I'm wrapping up the finishing touches on the games I'm running, and looking forward to the games I'm playing in. What will I be doing in 14 days? Well...




(Actually, Jim Ward's game is "Dark Colony," but there's no picture for that work-in-progress.)



  1. I was hoping to get into one of your games, but they filled up before I could pull the trigger! Are you in the Frozen in Time DCC game Friday night, by chance?

  2. There's still one opening in my Dead in the Water Mutant Future game if you act now! (And it's a bit of a preview to a product coming out this summer -- spoilers!) I'm surprised that my Timemaster and Chill games filled up. Not surprised at all that Thundarr filled. May run a second Thundarr game one night as an unannounced pick-up...

    Not playing in the Frozen in Time game on Friday, but rather Horrors From Hod as I recall. (I'm already playing in two of Mike C's DCC games -- thought I'd try someone else behind the screen!)