Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fight On! To Cease Publication

Very sad news from the OSR 'zine front. Fight On! magazine's next issue will be its last. After 14 issues of old-school RPG goodness, editor Ignatius Umlaut (AKA Calithena AKA Sean) will be closing up the shop.

I'm very sorry to see the magazine shut down as I feel it was one of the best RPG magazines available. There was always a ton of usable content covering a crazy-wide variety of genres and systems. Because the content was contributor-supplied, it had a different "voice" than other publications. Reading any issue was like sitting around the gaming table as one of my players discussed some new monster or dungeon or rule he had envisioned. Reading an issue of Fight On! is like reading an early issue of Dragon magazine. I discovered the magazine years ago and, after reading a few back issues, jumped back into gaming. You could say that Fight On! helped kickstart this blog.

I supported Fight On! by supplying Mutant Future material for the magazine. Off the top of my head, I recall the Insectaurs, Masterminds, Geologians, and Time-Displaced making an appearance in the magazine. My vehicle-scrounging table and apocalyptic stormfront mega-table both ran in those pages. Many mutants and monsters slithered from here to there. I even resurrected a comic strip I used to draw for a couple of other gaming publications just for Fight On! I was my pleasure to support the mag.

Anyway, it's sad to see this happen, but I wish Cal well. And thanks for the great run!


  1. Cane I go on record as saying that, "This makes me really sad to see this." Good luck Sean but man it feels like my OSR heart was torn out.

  2. I am sorry to disappoint you, but glad to announce that we are going to keep going through issue 16 at least, and the tables book also is yet to come. So we're not dead yet!