Saturday, February 2, 2013

Notorius NPC: Coolidge, The Mutant Turtle

3rd Level Mutant Animal (Turtle)
STR: 16 --- INT: 10
DEX: 10 --- WIL: 15
CON: 12 --- CHA: 8
HPs: 60 --- AC: 3
Mutations: natural armor (extreme), acute hyper healing

What would you do if The Bygones themselves told you who you were and what you should do with your life? Coolidge was just another mutant animal roaming the wastelands, scavenging through the Bygone ruins and trying to determine his place in the Mutant Future. While poking through a stack of Bygones books, he saw an image of himself on one of the covers! Although he doesn't read the Bygone language, he poured through the illustrations, seeing himself and others like him performing feats of acrobatic prowess, fighting those who would oppress others. It was then that Coolidge realized The Bygones were speaking to him across the millennia, telling him to use his talents to fight for justice.

Coolidge trained himself for combat with extensive conditioning and practice.He currently receives a +2 to hit and +3 damage in hand-to-hand combat from his training. When attacking, he brings out a pair of huge scythe-like blades. These "swords" do 1d12 hit points of damage when they hit. Hitting Coolidge himself is a challenge as well, as his natural armor mutation (his shell) gives him an AC of 3. And if he IS injured, his acute hyper healing mutation will mend his wounds much faster than normal. Coolidge is a combat-trained tank.

Cooldige's personality is very easy-going and carefree (another trait taken from the Bygone tome). he ejoys showing off his combat prowess and revels in the attention given to him. But he never forgets his Bygone-bestowed mission to enforce laws and punish the wicked. He still carries the comic that started him on his path, and he treats it like a fragile holy work. Coincidentally, "Coolidge" is also the name of another famous Bygone painter, just like the characters in his book he seeks to emulate.

"Cowabunga," indeed.


  1. Where did you get the image? I think it is quite good. Though it does beg a question, is he a mutant human with severe mutations or a mutant reptile with the mutation, Superfluous Nipples? :)


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