Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick Or Treat! Smell My Feet!

Happy Mutantween everyone!

In honor of this most creepy of holidays, I decided to have my own Mutantween Trick-or-Treat right here at The Savage AfterWorld! In a bowl next to the front door, I have the following treats for 11 lucky mutants:

5 trick-or-treaters will each get a Savage AfterWorld dice!
5 trick-or-treaters will each get a PDF copy of my recently released Deviant Database!
And one extra-special lucky trick-or-treater will get the Deviant Database both in PDF and hardcopy print formats as well as a Savage AfterWorld dice to add to their dice bag!

To qualify for a treat, just post in a Comment to this blog entry with your email contact in the Comment. Feel free to "de-Spambot" it in any way you wish, ie, name (at) whatever (dot) com or something. (See my email address over there in the right-hand column.) That's all it takes. When I have 11 responders, I'll randomly give out the "treats." You might get a book, you might get a dice, or you might get the Good Package. It's that simple. To keep things fair, only one Comment/entry per person. If I see a dupe entry, I toss 'em both, so reply only once. Also, don't enter multiple times under different names/accounts. That's just an ass thing to do. Next up, this is open to folks worldwide, as I'm happy to ship globally. I'll update this thread when we have all 11 trick-or-treaters, and I'll contact everyone via email with what they found in their goodie bag. (I'll also get addresses for mailing physical items at that time.)

So put on your costume, have your parents hide in the bushes nearby, screw up some courage, and ring the doorbell!

EDITED TO ADD: OK, I've turned off the porchlight and I'm hiding from any further visitors. And here's what everyone found in their goodie bag!

Savage AfterWorld Dice: Tetsubo; Steve Balrog; "Anonymous"; Michael Bolam; mwschmeer
Deviant Database Electronic Version: Justin Issac; Danjou's Hand; Robert; Storyteller1976; brink
And the Whole Kit-n-kaboodle: Ironbeaver


  1. Trick'r'Treat

  2. Give me something good to eat!

    teaforsydney at hotmail dot com

  3. Trick or treat. I don't think you want to see my trick. :)

    ironstaff at

  4. Trick or treat

  5. balrog six two at gmail dot com

  6. Trick or Treat!!!

    p.prendergast77 at

  7. mbolam(at)

    Happy Halloween! Hoping for a die or combo pack, because I already bought the PDF!

  8. Trick or Treat!


  9. Trick or Treat.


  10. BOO!

    Trick or Treat!

    mwschmeer (at) gee male dot com

  11. tricks or treats!!


    and thanks.

  12. Thanks so much! and Happy Day of the Dead!

  13. The die arrived today! It's so cool! Thank you!!!!!