Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You Design, You Play, You Win! NaGa DeMon 2012 Starts In Two Weeks

November is nearly here, so you know what that means! Yup, a month's worth of churning out that great work of yours to share with the world! No, I'm not talking about that other month-long writing marathon. For gamers, November is National Game Design Month, or "NaGa DeMon." In 30 days' time, you are encouraged to imagine, design, write, and play a game of your own design. It can be anything from a board game, to a video game, to a card game, to -- of course -- a role-playing game. This month-long event is always the "kick in the pants" I need to motivate myself to get pen to paper and create some of those modules and supplements I've blathered on about. The Deviant Database I created is a direct result of last year's NaGa DeMon, in fact.

For this year, I have two projects in mind. Both are "underway," but both could use that final push to become a finished product. Hopefully, one will be finished by the time December 1 rolls around. More details as we get underway. Sound off in the comments if you plan to participate this year! It's always great to see who's working on what. And NaGa DeMon is a great way to get motivated to actually produce something for your favorite game!

Here are a few places you can go for more information on this fun event:

The NaGa DeMon website
The NaGa DeMon facebook page (NaGa DeMon's founder)

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  1. I am hoping to get back on my abandoned Pleistocene era rpg entitled "Flint and Flame." I play tested various versions of it for nearly two years, but interest fell out and I put the game aside. If it weren't strewn about three or four note books a laptop and a desktop it would be practically done, I just have to get motivated to organize and edit the beast.

    I've also got some ideas for a dungeon exploration Board game that I've been meaning to work on that I've been saving for November in case I can't get the ice age juices flowing again.