Friday, October 12, 2012

Two More Occult Moon Post-Apocalyptic Toys Released

Occult Moon has released two more products in their "Post-Apocalyptic Toys" series. These sandbox settings are system-generic and can be dropped into any blasted lands RPG campaign. Each is populated with interesting adventure hooks and NPCs.

Greenvale: The Oasis: In the Red Hills, people tell a lot of stories. They talk of a pleasant valley where everything is green and growing, where people have enough water and nobody fights. They all tell stories of a great fiery star crashing to earth during the fall. Some of these stories are true, and the people of the Greenvale do seem to have everything they need. But lately some of them are learning the secret of the valley and others are, well, others are just plain disappearing. These folks might need more help than they realize.

The Glass Sea: Cutting through the wastes like a glistening frozen ocean is The Glass Sea. This vast stretch of glass is filled with sparks and plied by ships that float above the smooth surface on magnetic rails. It is a place where electricity is harvested, and Cathode City, the biggest port on The Glass Sea, has electric lights all night long.

Both supplements are $1.99 and are available on Drive Through RPG.

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