Friday, July 29, 2011

Where In Gen Con Is Sniderman Sandiego?

Everybody else seems to be posting his Gen Con schedule, so here's mine in case anyone is curious, wondering, or wants to meet up. And here we go:

Noon-ish - Check-in at the Canterbury, grab some lunch, and get my bearings. Visit the Convention Center and swing by Will Call for some last-minute tickets I purchased. Do some general recon so I'm not wandering around like a lost chimp for four days.

9-10 a.m. - Jockey for position of entering Gen Con for the first time. I plan to be part of the running of the bulls.
10 a.m. - ??? - Wander the Dealer Hall and buy many monies worth of stuff. Hang out at The Old School Renaissance Group booth and meet other old school fans. Play demos and make note of future purchases.
Evening - Venturing into The Tower of Gygax at JW Marriott

10 a.m. - Running Mutant Future game at Crown Plaza - "Gimme Shelter"
4 p.m. - Running Mutant Future game at Crown Plaza - "Dead in the Water"

10 a.m. - Running TOON game at Crown Plaza - "Hassle in the Castle"
2 p.m. - Running Ghostbusters game at Crown Plaza - "How Dry I Am"
8 p.m. - Media Meet & Greet at Union Station

2 p.m. - Depart for home

On My "Unscheduled But Gonna Happen" Agenda:
  • Hit the auction and consignment store for a few hours
  • Play in any pick-up games that'll have me
  • Perhaps run a pick-up Mutant Future Thundarr game if time allows
  • Regular posts and pix here at Savage AfterWorld
  • Catch a few nerdy flix at the Film Fest
  • Find a use for the handful of Generic Tix I bought
  • Drinkin'
You'll see I deliberately left my playing schedule open for anything that pops up, although I'm running four games, so it's not like I won't be chuckin' dice. Really looking forward to the MutFut games I'm running. Been writing about the game for two years -- now's my chance to run a few for the readers of the blog.

To ID me, you'll want to look for a few identifying icons: glasses; a mustache; and this tag on my ID lanyard:
EDITED TO ADD: And here's what I look like for those of you looking around for Your Friendly Neighborhood Sniderman:In my secret identity as a mild-mannered editor.

Ready to swing into action. Yes, hat and Hawaiian shirts.

In my natural element with a drink in my hand. Cheers!
See you tomorrow!